Hello world!

This is my first blog post. I’ll skip introducing myself, because you can read more than enough about me in the section that is appropriately labeled “about me”. Instead, I’ll tell you why I’m starting this blog.
The main reason for me to start a blog is to share knowledge, and learn some more in the process. I like learning new stuff, and I like writing. So I’m combining the two: I’ll be blogging mostly about new stuff I learn. I feel that writing about a subject helps to better organize my thoughts, and fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Hopefully, I’ll get some useful feedback, and I’ll learn even more.
The subjects I’ll be blogging about will be technical. Since I’m a SQL Server professional, that will be the subject of most of my blog entries. But I also love gadgets, so I might include some reviews whenever I find a new toy to play with.

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