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Code samples for my book on Querying data with Transact-SQL (MCSA 70-761), chapter 1

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Errata for my book on Querying data with Transact-SQL (MCSA 70-761)

If you find any errors in the book, please let me know. This will help not only myself, but also other readers.

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Screenshots of tables

This gallery contains 5 photos.

It appears that on some Kindle devices, it is hard to read the tables. Therefore, on request, I’ve put the screenshots of the tables here. Tip: you can also read the eBook on Amazon Cloud Reader (    

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Insert object in Word document with Powershell

At times, you have to create reports in Word format. If these are reports you have to create on a regular basis, you’ll want to automate this as much as possible. There is a lot you can do to automate … Continue reading

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Installing SQL Server 2008 R2

This video demonstrates the installation for SQL Server 2008 R2. It is supporting material for my eBook on Database Fundamentals, which covers the Microsoft MTA 98-364 exam. In this video, I explain the installation process step by step. The purpose of … Continue reading

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Does the Powershell command Restart-Service -force restart dependent services?

This could be my shortest post ever, with a simple “yes”, but let me elaborate. At times, you have to restart a service. With Powershell, this is easy enough (provided you have the right permissions): Restart-Service -name will do the … Continue reading

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My book on Database Fundamentals is now available!

Finally, I’ve finished my book on the Microsoft Technology Associate 98-364 exam: Database Fundamentals. It’s available in the iTunes book store: I decided to make it an iBook, since this format provides a combination of text, screenshots, screencasts and interactive test … Continue reading

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How to create a list of installed SQL Server instances on a cluster

On a normal server, there are several Powershell ways to get a list of all installed SQL instances. Probably the most straightforward way is to query the registry:

You can subsequently use the output to query all instances on … Continue reading

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Powershell disk inventory

Every now and then, I have to tackle a performance problem on a SQL Server I’ve never seen before. One of the things I’ll be looking for is the block size of the disks. The block size for drives containing … Continue reading

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Code samples for my book on Database Fundamentals (MTA 98-364), chapter 4


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